Your Job Description

Your Job Description!


Your job description should not be a 2 page menu, in 8pt font, of all the technologies your organization has ever touched or ever hoped to touch.  In fact, your job description (contract or perm) should be based on the goals of your project, the needs of your team, or the needs of your Company.  You need to separate needs from wants here.

A good rule of thumb is to work backwards.  “I need someone to manage web content for our e-commerce site”.  Great work backwards … what do they need to have to achieve that goal?  Will they be responsible for creative design or coding?  If not, then don’t make it a requirement.  Since they will interface with your designers and coders, it’s enough that they have been exposed, and can interact with these people.  You need someone with excellent communication skills?  Define “excellent” to yourself and ask yourself why.  Will they be speaking to clients? At what level?

Research the market for the role you are hiring.  Are you offering fair pay for fair work?  If your organization can’t afford fair pay for the profile you want, what is negotiable for you?  Are you willing to invest time in training great candidates?  The more closer your job description is to your actual needs, the more accurate your costs will be for this resource. You are not trying to replace a department, you’re just trying to augment your team to provide more ability to complete tasks.