Running in London

Running in London

I am a runner and have participated in various running clinics through the Running Room over the last five years. The clinics are the ramp up to distance runs. I have now completed 5 half marathons and I’m running in the Niagara Falls International Marathon on October 27th for my sixth half marathon (because I can’t bring myself to do the other 21 Km). Over the last five years I think I have run through every street –north, south, east, west, diagonally through Springbank and the Thames Park system.  

We have covered so many streets in London, if they were traced on a map you wouldn’t see the map. 

You get a different view of our city running through the streets than when you’re driving. It reminds you of what an interesting place we live in. Everywhere you go there are alcoves of interesting architecture where people have really made a big effort in restoration or gardening that distracts you from the kilometers you’re running.

When we get into the park trails it’s a different world, particularly in the fall. The winding trails beside the river, the trees and bushes make for a relaxing and mind focusing route. At this time of year the combination of leaves changing colour or crunching under foot and the cooler temperatures make the experience even better.  You can smell the forest and the river any time of the year but at this time it’s actually good.

I think it would be great if everyone could get out for a few hours on a weekend and have a run or walk around and experience a bit of our city on foot. It will revitalise you and give you a pleasant memory to recall over the upcoming winter months.