Linux/3rd Level Support

Our client is a Telecommunications firm operating in SWO that specializes in hosted phone solutions.  They were looking for a person to work as a Linux Administrator/Support within their Tier 3 support centre.  We had previously put a person into the same role and they were leaving because of Medical reasons.  Through our network and referrals we found four candidates that had the qualifications necessary to go to the first round of interviews.

All candidates were thoroughly interviewed by the Operations Manager and given a technical test which was based on a problem unique to their systems.  None of these people did well on the test.

However, only one candidate stood out – after his interview and test he emailed me and said that he had continued thinking about the test and felt that he could have had a better solution and he outlined his solution in the email.  I was then able to forward his email to the operations manager for review.  He was impressed and invited the candidate back for another meeting and another test.  The candidate got the job!

C++ Developers

Our client is a local development firm in London that specializes in collaboration software.  The product is coded in C++ and it’s very difficult to find local C++ resources.  We found a number of candidates from outside of London and offered them positions for which they relocated.  One issue we found was the language skills for many of the developers needed improvement.  We found a local agency for our Client to teach the employees English as a 2nd language once a week during lunch.

PHP Team Lead

Our Client is a local full service marketing and advertising agency and was looking for a senior candidate who could help them mentor and guide some junior developers.  I had been introduced to a potential candidate at a networking event a number of months previously.  This Candidate was actively working in a web development firm here in London but he was passively keeping an eye open for something more – he wanted an opportunity to get more involved with the clients, more project management and more opportunities to get involved in the business side.  When this position became available I knew to call this person.

He had an interview with the technical managers and was offered a position.  The Candidate still hesitated – he was excited about the technology but was still unsure of the position within the organization.  We talked to our Client and had the Candidate come back in and talk with the Business Director to discuss where the business was going and specifically what role this person would play in the business.  The Candidate was very excited, recognising a position with a great future and a company with excellent potential. Naturally, he accepted the position.

Bilingual Technical Support

Our client is a local success story that specializes in digital media development.  We have helped them find candidates for their bilingual customer support centre.

One candidate in particular stands out.  We were introduced to a candidate who was working at a local organization in London where he was seriously underpaid and undervalued.  This was the candidate’s first job in Canada, although he did go to UWO here in London.  We did our usual thorough screening and reference checking and when presented to our Client, they were able to recognize his abilities and education as transferable to their situation.  Although he had no direct experience in a support centre he stood out in both his education and his great attitude.

He still works there today and has since been promoted to a role with greater responsibility. We considered this a long term success for both the Client and the Candidate.

3rd level support

We at 2A3 Group get to know our clients well and try to know what they need so that we can proactively work on their behalf.

Recently I was referred to a candidate who lived in Pickering, near Toronto.  He was actually a son of a friend of a friend who was looking for an opportunity to really launch his career.  He had the education and about 1-1/2 years’ experience working in various support teams.  I viewed the candidates resume and recognized that he had very specific experience in a technology and industry which would benefit my Client now and in the future.

After thoroughly interviewing the candidate and making sure that he was able to relocate to London I presented him to my Client.  Although we did not have a current job requirement for this position, our Client they recognized the opportunity to hire an individual that had skills that are rare and needed by their team and they did!