Targeted Search

In the Beginning

When a client expresses a need for a new employee, we break out the note pad and arrange a meeting.

The process begins with questions, the more questions we can ask, the better the results will be. For the client this means that we can save them time and reduce the hiring cycle to a manageable length. A 30 minute meeting can save you hours of wasted time.

The questions are different for each case but the basics include identifying the position, the technology involved, the work environment, the career path and whether this is a new position or a replacement.

By obtaining a clear picture of the requirement we can be sure to start the search in the right direction and avoid the pitfalls and set backs that occur when a recruiter assumes that they know what you want.

Once the specifics are identified we will know the technology involved, the hardware used, who the end user will be, what type of activity is required, what a good candidate looks like to you and what past industries and experience are useful.

The Search is Afoot

We then move on to the actual search which often begins with a few conversations with experts in related fields to flesh out and zero in on yet more information. This will include current industry standards and common candidate desires regarding new positions.

After we feel that we addressed the job profile properly we begin the actual search. This starts with a search of our large internal database, personal networks, our associates and referrals.  If candidates were readily available on the job boards anyone could get them but as you probably know from past experience, the best people are not the low hanging fruit.

We Need to Talk

Once we have identified the best candidates we will arrange meetings with them to further narrow the selection to a few well qualified and ready to move individuals that meet all the criteria that were set out during the initial client meeting Q&A session. We do more than just match acronyms in a job description to those on a resume. We have a deep understanding of what each position entails and what makes that position special.

Your Input is Valuable

The final step in the search process is presenting the candidates to you, the client. We don’t flood you with resumes and hope that one sticks. We send the best candidates that we have met and screened to ensure that you can make good choices based on all of the criteria set out in our meetings and conversations. You can decide which candidates to meet and we’ll arrange the meetings for you.

The Bottom Line

The reason we do all of this is because your time is valuable and the right candidate will both save you time and help to make your company better and more profitable.

If our company can help your company hire the best people, we’ve done what you asked us to do and that really is the bottom line.