2A3 Group has years of experience helping people with employment transitions and career upgrades.

When looking for a new position or making a career move, a number of factors come into play. In an effort to help identify these factors, let’s examine them individually.

Utilizing Your Skills

You have a combination of education and work experience that qualifies you to do certain things very well, some things quite well and others that you have the ability to grow into. Technology changes and as you progress in your career, you use existing knowledge and learn new skills as part of your job. You want to leverage these things as part of your job search and choose the direction you take as a step forward. Sometimes, you can be too close to your current status to see your future options. Recognising your strong points is something we can help with.

Career Path

How many of us actively think about where our current position will allow us to go in the future? The days when a person would work at the same job or even the same company are a thing of the past but often we only look at the immediate opportunity. It would be more beneficial to look at trends and your goals to decide where you want to be in 3, 5 or 10 years. No one has a crystal ball but having exposure to many companies and many technologies does allow us to provide some guidance and explain the benefits of certain employment opportunities that may go under the radar otherwise.


Where do you want to work? We have lived and worked in several different cities and markets. They’re all different and have things to offer. When Maureen was located in Toronto, she enjoyed the activity and fast pace of downtown living. In Vancouver, the outdoor life and proximity to ski hills was compelling. In London, Ontario, the reduced commute times and cost of living made it an easy choice. If you have a family, your priorities are different from that of a single person. Schools, parks, sports activities and options for your spouse are important considerations. We help with information and local contacts to make the transition faster and easier.


The type of projects you prefer can be of paramount importance when making a change. Do you like a series fast paced short term projects or a larger project with a more in depth role? Do you want to code all day or have interaction with decision making teams? Sometimes security or prestige is important to you. We work with a variety of companies and can offer the options you need for long term satisfaction.


We left it for last because we have found that when the only decision maker for you is money, you seldom get the great job or the chance for advancement or the location you need. Money is important and we agree that you should get an appropriate amount but keep in mind that if you get the big bucks in a place you don’t like, you probably won’t stay and the big bucks are gone. We think that a great opportunity includes good pay but it’s not always defined by dollar signs.

Our End

2A3 Group will work with you to understand all of these facets and how they impact you personally. We want to understand what’s important to you and how we can connect you with the right employer.  We are always there as both a resource and as trusted advisors. We can’t make decisions for you but we can help to ensure that you have all of the tools you need to succeed in your goals. When the time comes that you feel the need for a change, we’ll be there.