About 2A3 Group

We don’t want to be just a supplier – we want to be part of your success story.

We do more than just match acronyms in a job description to those on a resume. We have a deep understanding of what each position entails and what makes that position special.

Our ability to develop a detailed understanding of an organization’s cultural, technical and professional requirements allows us to identify and attract the best candidates in their field.

We know you take care when defining a position and hiring an employee – we do the same. Using our extensive internal database, social networks and affiliates we can meet the best candidates to fill your needs.

We meet everyone in the process, clients and candidates; so that you know the fit will be right for all parties. When we recommend an employee to you, you can be sure they will make a valuable contribution to your success – now and in the future.

A Few Words About Maureen Harrison

Maureen has worked with three recruiting companies in her career, two national and one local before opening 2A3 Group in 2010. The time with these expert teams gave her the industry knowledge and contacts that have made her one the best and most respected people in the business today. Whether it was in Toronto, Vancouver or London, Maureen’s concept of hard work, constant learning and following through has helped to make her a “go to” person for industry knowledge and information for employers, candidates and industry groups. If you have been at a local networking group, you have probably either met Maureen or have benefited from her input.

Maureen’s philosophy is simple; Make sure that everyone wins. This has allowed her to develop great long term relationships with both clients and candidates that are based on trust and the knowledge that they will be treated with both respect and professionalism. Her 17 years of experience have given Maureen an insight into the requirements of all levels of IT roles as well as a good grasp of corporate cultures.

The goal of an effective recruiter is to match top talent with top employers. It sounds simple but there are many steps in the process that range from basic sourcing to in-person interviews to first day preparations. There are few other recruiters that make sure the entire process is managed in a way that allows confidence on the part of both employers and employees. Maureen has made it a point to do all of the up-front work that helps make everyone’s life simpler and more effective.